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Refrigerated cargo logistics is all about precision – you need commodity expertise, seamless handovers, flexible processes and end-to-end visibility to ensure zero wastage during transit. Discover new paths that cater to the growing needs of the industry and realise new opportunities with integrated cold chain solutions.

Industry overview

The scope of cold supply chains is far broader today than it was a few years ago. Modern setups must adapt to rapid shifts in consumer preferences, satisfy constant demand and comply with increasingly strict safety and hygiene regulations around the world. All while adjusting their response times across geographies, based on the commodity, climate and disruptions. To keep up with all of the above, businesses must seek specialised cold chain solutions that offer much more than cold storage and transportation.

Since the world will always require sustenance and medicine to survive, the food and pharmaceuticals sectors don't have the luxury of downtime. For them, the perfect solution would be one that is always on its toes, seamlessly managing handovers across the chain, and enabling swift decisions based on market trends and opportunities.

Take your fresh produce to the world

How your cold supply chain can stand out

Freeze flake
Experts at your service
Our cold chain specialists are your single point of contact for anything involving the safe and swift movement of your sensitive cargo.
End-to-end solutions
With an integrated suite of refrigerated cargo and value-add solutions, you can select the one(s) best suited to your product’s requirements.
Loading guarantee
In-transit change of destination
To seize opportunities in dynamic markets, you can the destination of your in-transit perishable goods at any time.
100% visibility and transparency
With a state-of-the-art fleet of refrigerated cargo containers you can track your shipment and regulate its critical ambient values, from anywhere in the world with Captain Peter.
Global coverage
Our globally integrated logistics network can help you gain a foothold in more than 120 countries.
Commitment to sustainability
Precision logistics and fuel-efficient vessels can help you cut down wastage and reduce your supply chain’s carbon footprint, in line with your own sustainability goals.

A guide to efficient cold chain logistics

The first step towards finding the right solution for your perishables is identifying the problem.

To help you find the best fit for your products, we have prepared a guide that enumerates the most common challenges in refrigerated cargo logistics, across various commodities – Protein & Dairy, Fish & Seafood, Fruits & Vegetables, Bananas & Pines, and Pharmaceuticals followed by industry-leading solutions known for proven results.

A representation of the refrigerated cargo commodities and the common challenges in cold chain logistics.

The Citronex story: Fast growth and a flexible cold chain

Banana trader Citronex sources from multiple locations in Latin America and delivers to a growing list of customers in Europe. What explains their success in navigating an increasingly uncertain inter-continental cold chain, and consistently delivering quality bananas on time? Hear from the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

No pit stops for Westfalia avocados

While the delicate nature of avocados is no secret, their transportation also demands meticulous care. From orchard to market, precision is paramount to preserve their peak freshness. Watch our customer interview with Hans Boyum, Commercial Director Africa from Westfalia, to gain insights into the intricate world of avocado logistics and understand the importance of end-to-end cold chain solutions for your refrigerated cargo.

Work with an integrated logistics partner to mitigate risks and adapt to market trends

Our latest e-book discusses the trends affecting refrigerated cargo logistics and explores how logistics companies are building future-ready cold chain solutions using digital and technological innovations.
A man in a cold chain logistics supply chain processes avocado fruits

Trust and Technology: The Links in a Sustainable Cold Chain

Despite changing market situations, capacity and labour shortages, and rising energy prices, the cold chain market is expected to reach USD 600 billion by 2026.

To ensure steady growth in these times, we must leverage technology to build an end-to-end sustainable cold chain ecosystem that you and your customers can trust.

Trust and Technology: The Links in a Sustainable Cold Chain, a whitepaper we developed in partnership with Reuters Events, gives you insights on securing a seamless cold chain in a fragmented data universe.

women selecting oranges

The Maersk Industry Spotlight

Latest trends and updates from the global logistics and supply chain industries

Let nothing catch you off guard

Having an integrated cold chain logistics partner that you can trust with your fish & seafood business ensures operational efficiency and growth. You can benefit from predictability and avoid any disruptions that may arise because of multiple logistic partners.

Listen to industry expert Thue Barfod, Global Vertical Head, Fish & Seafood, A.P. Moller – Maersk, talk in detail about the importance of having a trusted cold chain logistics partner for your fish & seafood business.

Key reefer trends and challenges to look out for 2023

It's a tumultuous time in logistics. For those dealing with refrigerated cargo, this means your supply chain must become more intuitive and agile to respond to changes swiftly. Bruce Marshall, our Global Head of Refrigerated Cargo, discusses the latest trends and challenges facing the cold chain community and how to best navigate through market volatility in the coming months.

A partnership that takes care of the world - Q2 2022

In the last few years, supply chain disruptions have affected several industries around the world, including the Pharma and healthcare. As an industry that deals with the supply of life-saving drugs, it needs a responsible and insightful logistics partner that excels in cold chain solutions. In this video, we explore how the right partnership can ensure that Pharma and healthcare brands can get their cargo to the right place at the right time.

Refrigerated Cargo – Q1 2022

The southern hemisphere is in the midst of peak fruits and vegetables season, even as congestion issues in ports around the world continue to remain a key focus area for the refrigerated cargo industry. Bruce Marshall, Maersk’s Head of Refrigerated Cargo, talks about how we are supporting our customers with solutions that best suit their needs. Also hear from him on how customers can tackle challenges and protect their shipments.

Refrigerated Cargo – Q4 2021

The refrigerated cargo industry around the world is tackling challenges on multiple fronts as contracting season gets well underway. Three key themes are dominating the conversation among suppliers, customers and logistics companies. Hear from Bruce Marshall, Maersk’s Head of Refrigerated Cargo, on what’s impacting refrigerated cargo logistics around the world.

SSIB is now available for bookings of refrigerated cargo

With Self Service Instant Booking or SSIB, we have made it easier for you to book online with a simple and smart process which includes auto-validation of assets like equipment availability and space along with other critical checkpoints in the booking process.

An increasing number of online bookings can now receive instant confirmation. So you can start planning the delivery of your cargo without any waiting time.

Instant confirmation is only available when booking a standard reefer container. It’s not applicable for bookings of Magnum, Super Freezer, Starcare, and Starfresh.

Self Service Instant Booking

Reel in the perfect solution

To grow and diversify your business in the fish & seafood industry, you must have a cold chain logistics partner who understands the sensitive nature of your fish & seafood business. At Maersk, we have products and services designed keeping in mind the challenges of fish & seafood logistics. As an end-to-end logistics provider, we offer data-driven solutions, digital visibility tools and can handle cargo throughout your logistics journey.

Benefits include

  • The largest fleet of cold chain containers
  • A global network of cold store facilities
  • Access to a vast global logistics network with local presence
  • Digital tools like Captain Peter for real-time visibility of cargo

So go on, explore an integrated approach to cold chain logistics. Bait the best ideas for your fish & seafood business.

Maersk reefer cargo commodity

How does more visibility help you manage your Refrigerated cargo better

Find out from Ken West, Maersk's Refrigerated Cargo Digital Development Manager

Captain Peter, Maersk’s digital assistant for temperature-controlled cargo, provides more visibility to the conditions inside containers in transit. Data points such as temperature and humidity are relayed to the digital platform, giving our customers the ability to act quickly should something go awry. Hear from Ken West on how transparency and visibility helps customers and what’s coming next for Captain Peter

Novo Nordisk’s journey with Maersk to build a conscious supply chain

At Maersk, our cold chain solutions constantly strive to ensure that your refrigerated cargo reaches its destination on time and in peak condition by offering you an unbroken supply chain.

This means our initiatives and solutions are consciously developed to sustain both your business and the planet we share. An example of this is our partnership with Novo Nordisk which delivered life-saving medicines while taking us closer to our goal of taking care of the planet.

Watch this video to understand how this collaboration helped Novo Nordisk move closer to their goal of going net zero.

From the farms of Costa Rica to the shelves of Canada

Metro Richelieu, one of Canada’s largest food retailers, restocks its shelves six times a week, with pineapples imported from Costa Rica.

What happens along the way? In a short documentary produced in partnership with the BBC, Martine Papineau, Inbound Transportation at Metro Richelieu, and Katharina Poehlmann, Former Global Head of Cold Chain Logistics at Maersk, explain how integrated cold chain logistics work round the clock to bring the tropical delight to Metro's shelves, 3,000 miles from origin.

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