Diversity, equity and inclusion at A.P. Moller - Maersk

Integrating the world means more than connecting global supply chains. Our purpose demands that we go all the way to connect diverse talents and perspectives in fair and inclusive workplaces where amazing individuals feel they belong.

Breaking the gender bias

Transport and logistics has traditionally been a male dominated industry, and women are still underrepresented at leadership levels at Maersk. This needs to change. Not only because gender equality is a human right, but also because experience and research clearly demonstrate that it increases innovation and growth.

To accelerate gender equality at Maersk, we have established bold targets and new initiatives designed to enhance career paths and opportunities for women at every level across our business.

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Concrete, continuous progress

A key gender equity  target for 2025 is to break through the threshold of 40% women in management, and we are making tangible progress. Much of the success can be seen at grass root level, driven by affinity groups, programmes and initiatives.

At the same time, our Gender Action Plans continue to engage Executive Leadership Team members, and we have already witnessed an increase in women at all targeted levels.

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“Addressing inclusivity at leadership level isn’t just a reputational issue. It’s about being able to deliver on our purpose and business goals.”
— Susana Elvira. Chief People Officer, A.P. Moller - Maersk

Creating pathways for women in logistics

Women are an enormous untapped resource in all areas of the logistics talent pool, and particularly in logistics technology. Facing fierce competition for talent, we need to make sure that our attraction and retention efforts target 100% of the available talent.

This imperative to achieve gender balance in logistics has led to the development of women only programmes that accelerate skills and develop tools and techniques to help create new career pathways and maximise the potential of all women at Maersk.

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More women seafarers and more inclusion needed

Second officer Camilla Westergaard’s career at Maersk started while she was still studying, splitting her time between being a cadet on board a container vessel sailing and studying at the Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC) in Denmark.

Hear her perspective on the routes open for women in the maritime industry.

Equal at Sea

Unlocking opportunities for women seafarers across the globe and creating safe workspaces on board.

'Equal at Sea' aims to build an inclusive shipping industry. To do so, we bring together policymakers and industry experts to create more opportunities for women to thrive in seafaring careers.

“Maersk has launched many projects to attract more women and create greater diversity in the profession. We need more women at sea.”
— Camilla Westergaard. Second Mate and Mentor for Young Mariners

Empowering women in tech

Maersk’s technology strategy needs women. To attract, develop and retain female tech talent, we have implemented an ambitious hiring programme as well as internal initiatives, including opportunities to share, network and engage on a personal and professional level.

Watch the video to hear Senior Engineering Manager Søren Michael Nielsen talk about his ambitions and targets to secure more gender balanced teams.

Maersk mentorships

Maersk mentorships connect women employees with experienced leaders, both women and men, that can guide their professional development and help maximise their career opportunities.

Watch the video to hear Customer Communication Manager Silvia La Face talk about her role in a male-dominated industry and how mentors have inspired her own career path.

Developing women

Launched in 2011, our Strategies for Success Programme has helped more than 2,300 women across our global operations to maximise their career potential. Cassia Sanchez is a Product Manager at Maersk, as well as a Strategies for Success alumni. Watch the video to learn more about her experiences on the programme.

Power Women Network

Co-chaired by Rosa Kim, Functional Product Owner at Maersk, the Power Women Network has been spearheaded by women and allies at Maersk to increase equality in our workplaces. Network members meet regularly to discuss how to achieve a more balanced leadership pool and promote career equity.

While the network is fully employee-driven, it has received full support and active participation from our CEO Søren Skou from its outset.

Rosa Kim, Functional Product Owner at Maersk.
Rosa Kim, Functional Product Owner at Maersk

Supporting parents at work

Inclusion at Maersk means recognising and successfully leveraging the many differences our employees bring to the workplace. Having policies and guidelines in place that support the different choices and career paths that employees may take is an essential step in creating an inclusive culture.

Maersk’s return to work programme focuses on raising the return rate of women after maternity leave to ensure we retain their vital skills and contribution. Our aspiration is to reach the global average best practice maternity retention rate of 90%.

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