Diversity, equity and inclusion at A.P. Moller - Maersk

Integrating the world means more than connecting global supply chains. Our purpose demands that we go all the way to connect diverse talents and perspectives in fair and inclusive workplaces where amazing individuals feel they belong.

How we’re building belonging at Maersk

Diversity, equity and inclusion at Maersk is a work in progress. We are constantly questioning and challenging ourselves to remove barriers – unconscious or otherwise – that prevent full participation towards our vision to connect the world for the benefit of all.

By fostering a trusting and open culture, rooted in highly cherished values and ethics, we are confident that we will succeed. We all thrive when we are part of something that feels worthwhile.

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Challenging assumptions before they become stereotypes

Research proves that, even at a very young age, we begin to develop certain preconceptions about the jobs that men and women do. So, we visited primary school students in Helsingør, Denmark, where we certainly surprised kids about the opportunities that are available to everyone.

Working across cultures without boundaries

The ability to work effectively and sensitively across different cultures and locations is an essential competency for a successful global organisation.

By removing barriers to collaboration, culturally intelligent employees help accelerate the exchange of ideas and help drive faster innovation.

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Why cultural intelligence matters at Maersk:

Maersk employees come from over 180 nationalities.
Maersk operates in 131 countries.
Ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform less ethnically diverse companies (McKinsey)

Employee driven networks

Networking and mentoring schemes are having a very real, practical impact on those who need them most. MIX - the Maersk Inclusion for Excellence network - exemplifies the helpful response of individual colleagues.

MIX is a global network made from lots of local groups that welcome anyone to join. It allows colleagues who feel unrepresented or overlooked to share experiences, gain strength and develop initiatives that can be passed on, throughout the MIX network.

Making space for mental health

By making mental health a strategic priority we help build a culture of engagement where everyone feels cared about and we support our bottom line – because up to 50% of all work absences are in some way connected to mental health or stress.

Our SOS (Speak Out Safely) initiative promotes positive mental health for all. It creates a sense of psychological safety so that people feel comfortable sharing their feelings. It builds awareness of the tell-tale signs of mental health issues and equips both HR and senior leaders with the capabilities and tools they need.

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Encouraging a flexible working culture

Flexible working not only helps our colleagues balance their professional and personal responsibilities and circumstances, it can actually have a positive impact on engagement and productivity.

This is why we actively encourage Flexible Work Arrangements which allow every employee the opportunity to modify their working pattern – where possible – in consultation with their line manager.

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“We aim to create a culture where everyone feels able to speak out and to provide support for employees when needed. No one should have to suffer in silence.”
— Susana Elvira. Chief People Officer, A.P. Moller - Maersk

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