Value Protect

Protect your cargo from accidents like fire, theft and bad weather.

With Value Protect, your cargo is protected in a simple and smart way.

Even in the safest hands, accidents happen. When you’re moving your cargo across sea and land, you want to know that you won’t lose money if your shipment is damaged or lost. That is why Maersk offers Value Protect, giving you peace of mind that your cargo is protected against accidental damage during its journey with us.

Transportation carriers are often responsible only for the legal liability for damage caused to your goods, which may not equal the total loss of your cargo. In many cases, they may not be liable for loss or damage.

Value Protect provides extended carriage terms to the standard bill of lading that allows compensation if the loss or damage could have normally been rejected due to fire or theft. In addition, we waive the right to claim General Average contribution. With Value Protect, we offer higher recovery limits on your shipping claims within 14 days of receiving the required documentation.


Our Value Protect packages

Whether you are transporting bananas or beans, we have a package suitable to your needs. Value Protect can be applied to all shipments and all commodities. Depending on your cargo’s commodity or value, you can find a package at the required compensation level to bring you peace of mind.

We have created a simple package structure segmenting our packages into dry, refrigerated, and special cargo, with fixed pricing to provide ease when choosing.

Find the right package to suit your needs.

Commercial Terms

Value Protect can be applied to all containerised shipments and all commodities transported by Maersk.

Value Protect will cover the invoicing value of the damaged goods. Compensation shall be limited to and not be more than the purchased Value Protect package.

Read the full terms and conditions of Value Protect.

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Frequently asked questions

Need to get a bit more clarity? Here are some of the most raised questions we receive about our Value Protect product. We do hope it helps you make a better decision on protecting your goods from logistics-related risks.

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