Value Protect

Protect your cargo from accidents like fire, theft and bad weather.

How to book Value Protect?

Value Protect can be added to your contract by your sales representative or to your shipment in just one click during the booking process, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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You can add Value Protect to your contractual agreement or during the booking process.

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Before booking:

You can have Value Protect included in your contractual agreement before booking.

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During booking:

Add Value Protect at the time of booking online from the 'Additional products and services' options.

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After booking:

If you missed adding Value Protect, you can still add it before loading by contacting your local office. 

Frequently asked questions

Need to get a bit more clarity? Here are some of the most raised questions we receive about our Value Protect product. We do hope it helps you make a better decision on protecting your goods from logistics-related risks.

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