Maersk’s Employee Resource Networks (ERNs) are vibrant, employee-driven networks that aim to promote awareness about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

The networks create safe and inclusive environments for all Maersk colleagues to share experiences, exchange ideas and express concerns. Building an inclusive culture at Maersk is important to us; we want to create a space where everyone’s opinions count and where everybody feels valued.

ERNs have been the representative group of our diverse workforce, and they help us create a sense of community. Their initiatives, combined with their passion and commitment, inspire us daily to strive together on this journey towards creating an inclusive workplace.

Ingrid Uppelschoten Snelderwaard
Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Maersk

Employee Resource Networks (ERNs) at Maersk

We have 41 ERNs with over 670+ active members across 4 continents. We have 2 types of ERNs – global and local.

Our global ERNs include Pride@Maersk, Diverse Abilities, Power Women Network, and RISE – Women’s Technology Network.

Our local ERNS commonly known as MIX (Maersk Inclusion for Excellence) are regionally located and focused on the local needs for inclusion.

Each ERN has a specific focus and welcomes anybody at Maersk to join. Throughout the year, they work on both global and local DEI initiatives to build awareness and importance of inclusion for everyone.

Our Annual ERN Awards

With an aim to recognise and celebrate the efforts, passion, dedication, and commitment of our amazing networks, we launched our annual awards for our ERNs last year in 2023.

The ERN awards not only recognise the invaluable contributions of our ERNs but also inspire and encourage all our colleagues to learn more about ERNs and how they can actively participate. This recognition program also serves as a great platform for best practice sharing amongst our different ERNs to further help our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

For the 2024 awards, we wanted to recognize ERNs that have not only made a notable impact through their initiative(s) but also have been a role-model in governance, structure, and participation. Given the 2 different types of ERNs, we had 2 winners – Global ERN award and Local ERN award. The first round of selection was done by our notable jury and the second round of the final winners was through the votes received by the regional winners.

Meet our winners!

2024 Global Award Winner – Power Women Network

This year the 2024 Global award winner is the Power Women Network. The Power Women Network (PWN) is a network of women and allies who want to make a real change on inclusive leadership and equitable career progression, leading to better performance for Maersk.

Their mission is to drive the conversation and the awareness on career inequity and provide opportunities to create a safe space for women to meet, share and help each other overcome the barriers to career progression.

In 2023, Power Women Network globally empowered women through initiatives such as sessions on sponsorship, learning from failures, stakeholder management and negotiation. These sessions, led by our in-house leaders, fostered interactive dialogues with the audience, promoting openness and acceptance of diverse perspectives, aiming to help women overcome challenges and barriers together.

2024 Local Award Winner – GSC China MIX

Our Local award winner for 2024 is the Global Service Centre (GSC) China MIX (Maersk Inclusion for Excellence) group.

In 2023, the GSC China MIX creatively promoted education and awareness about deeper DEI aspects, such as biases and stereotypes, through in-house short plays featuring our own employees. The ERN also published monthly newsletters with educational content on DEI to foster inclusion. Additionally, they collaborated with other local MIX groups to host sessions and initiatives aimed at raising awareness of inclusion.

These winners stood out due to their creativity, impactful initiatives using existing in-house resources, and spotlighting internal stories and leaders. Their recognition sets an inspiring example, motivating all ERNs to continue making a difference in 2024 and fostering inclusivity in the workplace.

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