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Turn your warehousing into a competitive advantage

Connect your cargo to and from Europe to the rest of the world seamlessly with Maersk’s extensive global network of warehouses. Streamline the flow of your goods using our strategically located sites with state-of-the-art technology and the ability to meet all your warehousing omnichannel fulfilment needs.

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So much more than a place to store your cargo

A smooth-functioning warehousing and distribution is essential to building a successful business. That’s exactly what Maersk can offer you.

Get increased flexibility with our end-to-end integrated logistics that helps you scale up or down instantly. What’s more, our strategically located warehouses ensure that your consumers receive their products faster and in the best condition.

A pitstop for your goods

Warehousing and Distribution allows a place for your goods to be stored and prepared for the next stage of its supply chain journey. They are a crucial part of your goods journey acting as a pitstop to check on quality, packaging requirements, planning on distribution strategy and more. Maersk Warehousing and Distribution centres across Europe helps to streamline your flow of goods services like:
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Combines goods and materials from different origins and sorts them into containers with a common destination. This is usually done pre-export and includes value added services like pick and pack, RFI scanning, carton labelling, kitting and quality inspections.
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Takes containers and sorts goods and materials intended for multiple destinations. These centres offer services that vary according to your final destination needs – from cross docking, and direct transloading to even bypassing the Distribution Centre completely.
FMCG supply chain management
These Warehousing and Distribution centres do it all. Extensively used by E-Commerce businesses these centres offer deliveries to last-mile destinations taking care of pick and pack, order fulfilment, storage, receipt and uses extensive inventory management systems to streamline deliveries to final destination.

Why Maersk Contract Logistics? 


Integrated IT systems

Integrating IT systems drive visibility and transparency, which helps customers be more efficient and in better control of their processes.

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Competitive pricing for expert services

Using multiple vendors can sometimes result in multiple risks of goods getting damaged, delayed or lost. Streamline your warehousing and distribution needs with a single point of contact backed by teams of experts to ensure cost efficiency alongside speed to market. With Maersk’s combined offering of warehousing and transport, you get all the benefits of an extensive warehouse and distribution setup, with none of the hassle.

Warehouse Location

Proximity to key locations

Maersk can offer warehouses near consumers and stock them ahead of time, so delivery times are reduced. Our growing investments in strategically located infrastructure and our coverage at ports help speed up your deliveries as well as absorb some of your capital expenditure.

Ship Location

Global integrated logistics network

Our well-established global brand presence and extensive network mean we have facilities ready to handle your supply chain, whether at origin or destination, anywhere across Europe. By combining our ocean, air and road offerings with Warehousing and Distribution, you benefit from a seamless end-to-end solution that we can tailor to fit your specific business requirements.

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Flexibility to scale up or down based on demand

Whether you need to scale up or down more efficiently across seasons, minimise investment risks, or lower operational costs, our Warehousing and Distribution experts are here to align with and add value to your business.

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