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Industry overview

In a global economy where cross-border trade contributes to 50% of GDP, the Covid-19 pandemic has had an irreversible impact on supply chains. For months, it has put ‘essential’ Pharmaceutical and Healthcare logistics teams through a stress test unlike any other the modern world has experienced. In doing so, it has accelerated the need to reassess all moving parts, from factory to pharmacy, sparking what we call the ‘end-to-end innovation’ of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare logistics.  

Pharma supply chains in a post-Covid-19 world will consist of resilient systems and processes infused with reliability, transparency and intelligence, at every stage.

Pharmaceutical industry

Six trends shaping Pharma logistics

Cost efficiency pictogram

A community driving change

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers are tackling the logistics issues of our time – disruptions, cost, quality, sustainability
  • They are shifting the focus from primary costs to Supply Chain as a Service (ScaaS)
Digital services

Rethinking risk

  • Healthcare companies are taking a strategic approach to prioritising, monitoring, minimising, and controlling logistics risks
  • They are making a greater commitment to supply chain transparency and internal data sharing

Making supply chains shock-proof

  • Pharmaceutical supply chains are looking for new inventory models that rely less on just-in-time strategies and more on safety stocks
  • They are standardising predictive planning at every stage of the supply chain

Re-evaluating the modal mix

  • Pharmaceutical distributors are bringing ocean to the forefront of multi-modal freight systems
  • They are integrating and strategically aligning the different modes of transportation

Less complex cold chains

  • Logistics providers are putting the industry’s special logistics needs (operational and strategic) at the centre of everything
  • They are enabling rapid responses to unforeseen changes with simple, standardised processes

Improving visibility

  • All stakeholders in Pharma logistics are reducing manual interactions and optimising efficiency, agility, and the use of paper with integrated digital platforms
  • They are seeking to gain greater control over sensitive shipments by enabling timely interventions

The antidote to your challenges

The Pharmaceutical industry is in the midst of enormous change. As the world’s population ages, providing people easy access to healthcare and medication has become a key responsibility. Precision medicine, customised to the needs of a single patient, is gaining momentum. Big brands are fighting the problem of counterfeit drugs, compounded by the rise of online retailers. And companies around the world are riding the wave of consolidation with mergers and acquisitions.

These changes add new layers of complexity to Pharma supply chains that are themselves seeking transformation. The ideal logistics partner is no longer the local provider, but a global player who can respond to demand, provide structural flexibility, ensure overall visibility, constantly improve results, and very importantly, build risk-based models.

That’s why we’ve built a team dedicated to Pharma logistics. A team of experts that:

  • Understands the intricacies of the Pharma ecosystem
  • Has the technical expertise and ‘visibility’ data required to support the industry’s efforts to standardise and follow best practices
  • Uses digital platforms to provide reliable data and a single truth to all stakeholders
  • Plans for the unexpected, reduces waste, cuts costs, and improves delivery times
  • Builds a culture of continuous improvement for your supply chain
Antidote to your challenge

Our Services

Even Pharma companies need looking after. Here are 10 ways our specialised Pharma solutions take care of your supply chains.
Pharma services

Manage, connect, simplify

The world’s leading Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies rely on Maersk to deliver products safely, anywhere in the world. With our in-depth expertise, GDP compliance, end-to-end Cold Chain solutions, state-of-the-art equipment, and long-standing commitment to sustainability – we're your partner for Pharmaceutical logistics. Follow the Pharma supply chain in our infographic to see how we go all the way.
pharma supply chain

Connecting supply chains in new ways for pharma and healthcare

In twenty years, when we look back on the evolution of global supply chains, people will see two very distinct periods – pre-COVID-19 and post-COVID-19. Yes, there have been viruses before, but none in our modern, globalised world, where cross-border trade comprises 50% of GDP. We have never had a supply chain that contains so many moving parts across so many countries with so many stakeholders involved. And that supply chain has never been put under the pressure it has recently, unless you count the theoretical exercises or disaster plans of academics and risk-managers.

In areas like pharmaceuticals and healthcare, professionals are balancing this need for reactive response with designing a more reliable, transparent, intelligent future for their supply chains. To effect change, these businesses need to assess the entire chain, from manufacture to delivery, to customs, to storage, to end customer.

pharma supply chain

Maximising the positive impact of the Covid-19 vaccine

The Pharmaceutical industry has worked tirelessly to do what usually takes 5-10 years, in a mere 10 months. To ensure that the effectiveness of the approved Covid-19 vaccines reach every corner of the world, we’ve reimagined our network, infrastructure, expertise, and technology like never before.

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Handling a new reality

Despite congestion and limited capacity at Chinese and European airports, Hartmann International delivered six million masks from China to Germany when healthcare providers needed them most.

Handling new reality

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