Discover new paths to optimisation in FMCG logistics

Integrated logistics keeps your FMCG supply chain resilient and responsive to market.

Tailored solutions for your industry needs

At Maersk, we help FMCG companies by providing seamless solutions, led by experts who understand the unique requirements and standards of the industry. We leverage this knowledge to build our supply chain solutions around customer needs, allowing us to serve some of the world´s most visible brands.

Key enablers which we build your supply chain solutions around

The future depends on the ability of manufacturers of fast moving consumer goods to address changes with the help of an ideal supply chain system. In Maersk, global companies can see a fitting partner that is both agile and resilient, by meeting all their FMCG logistics needs.

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Support your multichannel need for speed across flows of cargo, data, documents, and payments.
Fit for purpose data and visibility tools to support YOUR supply chain optimization.
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From sourcing to final mile delivery, gain precision and predictability in execution.

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Leverage our industry expertise regarding compliant and innovative FMCG supply chain solutions.

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Cost efficiency

Boost productivity and eliminate efficiencies using our optimised supply chain solutions.


Let our experience in building sustainable supply chains guide your decision making.

Maersk Control Tower

Real-time visibility and transparency to optimise your logistics decisions.

Supply chain visibility and control is increasingly important to build and maintain a competitive edge today. New sourcing and distribution channels, a growing number of logistics partners and fragmented transport processes can test your supply chain. That’s why, we are bringing a game changer to the field.

Maersk Control Tower provides real-time visibility and transparency to reduce the complexities in your supply chain. The solution uses data to build a strong foundation to optimise your logistics process to the next level. With an easy-to-use dashboard, it can orchestrate your logistics end-to-end over a single platform. The solution also offers the clarity to resolve issues, suggestions to take quick actions and gives supply chain insights to help with cost management.

Our FMCG logistics solutions enable you to stay ahead

We focus on solving your supply chain needs from end to end, taking the complexity out of container shipping. Therefore, we offer solutions addressing the entire product journey:

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