How Maersk helped a global technology leader streamline customs and save costs  

The customer - Complexity of international trade

Valmet, a leading developer and supplier of technology, automation, and service in the pulp and energy industry, operates extensively, with a significant footprint in Sweden. However, amidst its expansive operations, Valmet grapples with intricate customs procedures, a challenge inherent in its international trade activities.

Male with a protective gear at depot

The challenges - Slowed down by trade regulations

Tracking all the regulations and documents needed for customs handling proved challenging, leading to administrative burdens and resource-intensive processes. Their existing system, whilst functional, required significant manual administration and lacked logical usability, resulting in time consuming training and inefficient operations.

Moreover, Valmet lacked adequate tools to analyse customs data, hindering its ability to optimise operations. 

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The solution - Calling in the experts

Recognising the need for a more efficient solution, Valmet decided to change its system. Drawing on their long-standing collaboration, Valmet turned to Maersk Customs Services (MCS) and their declaration management system to streamline customs processes and enhance operational efficiency.

Valmet recognised Maersk's extensive expertise in customs and close cooperation with the Swedish Customs Services. 

The transition to the new system represented a departure from their previous manual and labour-intensive processes towards a more streamlined and efficient approach to customs management. The new system, characterised by its modern cloud-based architecture, offered Valmet a host of features and functionalities designed to simplify and optimise its customs operations.

Automated customs declarations
Streamlining the process of customs declarations, reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy.
Software as a service pictogram
Cloud-based accessibility
Facilitating easy access and management of customs data from multiple locations, enhancing operational flexibility.
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Compliance monitoring
Ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements with built-in checks and alerts.
Integration with Free Trade Agreements
Enabling Valmet to leverage cost-saving opportunities by automatically identifying and applying relevant free trade agreements.
Graph pictogram
Scalability and future-readiness
Supporting Valmet's growth trajectory with a scalable solution adaptable to evolving customs regulations and business needs.
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The result - Simplifying customs with Maersk

Through collaborative efforts with Maersk, the implementation of the new solution yielded significant outcomes for Valmet across various dimensions of their customs operations.

Key results included reductions in administrative burdens and manual tasks, acceleration of processing times, enhanced visibility and control over customs processes, proactive identification and mitigation of risks, and optimisation of operations through seamless integration.

User-friendly interface: One of the key benefits of the new system was its user-friendly interface, which significantly reduced the learning curve for Valmet's teams. With intuitive navigation and logical workflows, employees were able to quickly adapt to the new platform, minimising disruptions to their daily routines.

It is easy to sift through the module, and it is possible to choose between different parameters. The design is easy to absorb in an interesting and fun way, unlike other systems - it's not just graphs and numbers. Overall, we are delighted with the solution, and the system has simplified our daily work while saving high costs on free trade agreements and reducing our administration. And I think it has made my working day more enjoyable.

Frida Mayor
Head of customs, Valmet AB

Customs made easy: The system's built-in support functions provided valuable assistance to users, guiding them through complex customs procedures and ensuring the accuracy and compliance of their declarations.

With the system, we do not need to know or remember regulations for different countries or rules linked to different product codes. The system is smart and tells us what opportunities we have.

Frida Mayor
Head of customs, Valmet AB

Data integration: Moreover, the new system facilitated better integration and analysis of customs data, empowering Valmet to make data-driven decisions and optimise their operations further.

Increased control: By consolidating all customs-related documents and information within a centralised platform, the system enhanced visibility and control over customs processes, enabling Valmet to respond promptly to any challenges or discrepancies.

We always receive quick confirmations when a case is received, and the communication about actions is continuous until the issue's resolved. When there is a rush, the support helps to clear goods at the border, which saves us a lot of time and cost.

Frida Mayor
Head of customs, Valmet AB

These outcomes collectively led to greater efficiency, accuracy and compliance in Valmet's customs operations, positioning them for continued success and growth in the future.

Tackle customs complexity with Maersk Customs Services

Navigating the complexities of customs regulations can be challenging, but with Maersk Customs Services, you gain a partner equipped with innovative solutions tailored to streamline your operations.  Ready to transform your customs operations? Discover how Maersk can tailor a solution that meets your unique needs.

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