Global Supply Chain Management

Get unprecedented control over your end-to-end supply chain.


When trying to get a coherent overview of your logistics management needs, the complexity of global supply chains can cause frustration.

MyMaerskSupplychain was developed to save you time, enabling you to manage your entire supply chain whenever necessary.

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Maximum efficiency and smoother operations

MyMaerskSupplyChain is an integrated application owned and developed by Maersk.

It comprises 5 areas as a standard package:

  • Shipper portal
  • Track and Trace
  • Reporting
  • Online Document Management
  • Exception management

These tools show the data you need to be able to place and manage your bookings, track the status of your shipment, generate and upload documentation, extract reports and record and solve exceptions.

MyMaerskSupplychain grants you ultimate control over your supply chain.

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Platform modules and benefits

Shipper Portal

A single online platform for e-booking and creating commercial documents with minimum manual intervention.

  • Place bookings at any time.
  • PO management for improved booking accuracy and timeliness.
  • Customized validations to support booking process.
  • Available in English, Spanish and Chinese.
  • Track complete history of bookings.

Track and Trace

Functional, powerful and precise.

  • Tracking your cargo is quick, intuitive and easy.
  • Cross-relational search engine to streamline data gathering.
  • Views of planned and actual execution status.
  • Cargo details on a PO and SKU level, allowing you to control the smallest details.
  • Proactive issue identification in your supply chain, based on your own set criteria.


Enjoy flexible and customisable reporting through your central dashboard:

  • User-friendly report building.
  • Reports with customizable options to meet varied customer requirements.
  • Report schedules with email options for easier accessibility.
  • Over 800 reporting fields give you maximum control of your data.
  • Performance management reporting helps you improve your logistics performance

Online document management

Distribute your shipping documents easily – and save time and money

  • A streamlined documentation process for greater control of timeliness and accuracy for clearance at destination.
  • Document integrity with minimum effort.
  • Provides greater visibility of document status via Track and Trace or the online document management tool.
  • Increased flexibility for fast issue resolution of exceptions.
  • Reduced risk of demurrage, detention and workload for MCS with the elimination of the physical handling of documents.
  • Cost saving for vendors and customers thanks to the elimination/reduction of physical documentation.
  • Electronically archive documents, then find them easily in the future.
  • Paperless process contributing to a greener environment

Exception management

Reduce supply chain exceptions by identifying and resolving problems quickly.

  • A single screen global view gives you the head start on all potential discrepancies, surfacing exceptions and risks.
  • Improve productivity by doing away with exception management via email and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Measure and report disruptions to your supply chain, uncovering the root cause of the disruption in the process.
  • Streamline daily communication

Full security and privacy of your data

With MyMaerskSupplychain, we can assure security and privacy of your data with allocated IDs/ passwords and PIN safe technology. Your authorised staff and business partners can access only the elements they need along the way.

We can also help you to archive your historic data and document digitally and make your document storage greener and hassle free.

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