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Take back control of your supply chain.

Empowering logistics professionals

Information is power. With visibility into your supply chain operations, you can take the right action at the right time and be in control of your logistics operations. With more control, your business performs better – Maersk Flow can get you there.

Flow helps you execute your supply chain as planned, reduces manual work and gives you access to performance data, so you can work smarter, not harder.

Improve the flow of your supply chain

Maersk Flow, a digital supply chain solution, optimises your logistics with advanced visibility for improved task execution. Overcome challenges and disruptions with unrestricted access to information, keep your cargo flowing and transition towards integrated supply chain management.

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Take control

Collaboration tools, activity tracking, process validation, and alerts bring control and reliability to your supply chain operations, prevent avoidable issues, control costs and eliminate human errors.

Reduce manual work

Introduce digitalisation in your supply chain through digital forms and convenient document-sharing tools that remove the effort of manual tasks and streamline your workflow.

Monitor and improve performance

Review past performances of your team and supply chain partners through detailed performance reports. These help in detection and resolution of deviations in timelines, accuracy and responsiveness.

More reasons to go with Flow


You can make bookings with any carrier of your choice through the Maersk Flow platform.

Quick implementation

As a web-based solution, Maersk Flow is easy and quick to implement for you and your partners

Assisted onboarding

Receive training from a dedicated team of experts to help you and your partners hit the ground running.

Maersk Flow is designed with your business in mind

Find out how Maersk Flow can make your supply chain operations flow smoothly.

Maersk Flow

Frequently asked questions

Browse through some of our most raised questions on Maersk Flow. We hope they give you more clarity on how it can help make your supply chain operations flow smoothly.

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