Maersk E-Commerce Logistics

Optimise your end-to-end e-commerce logistics, including e-fulfilment, last-mile and cross-border delivery.

Going the extra mile with you

Thanks to our digital capabilities, we easily integrate with your sales channels, so you can start shipping in no time. While you focus on growing your business online, we take care of your e-commerce logistics supply chain.  

Maersk E-Delivery

Maersk’s geography agnostic delivery product ensures that all your parcel delivery needs are met. We give you access to all major last-mile carriers to make cross-border shipping easier and cheaper. Additionally, we provide services for returns management, customs handling and more. You also stand to benefit from:

  • Reliable international transit times
  • Reduced shipping costs through volume bundling
  • Improved customer experience
  • Full visibility through standardised tracking
  • Central platform to manage home delivery, out of home delivery, and returns
An infographic illustration showcasing various stages of the e-delivery process with icons and supporting text.

Maersk E-Fulfilment

Maersk’s direct-to-consumer infrastructure sustains your stock flow with a strategically located order fulfilment network. Our scalable storage has you covered during peak seasons and we also provide value added services like pick & pack and inventory management. You also stand to benefit from:

  • Optimised stock across locations and sales channels
  • Fast last-mile delivery
  • Fulfilment network enabling two-day delivery
  • Full visibility on parcel journey
  • Efficient fulfilment technology
  • Packaging solutions
An infographic illustration depicting various aspects of the e-fulfilment process with icons and supporting text.

Digitise your business, from suppliers to your final customer

It’s evident that best-in-class logistics starts with best-in-class technology. Therefore, we employ modern software along with multi-carrier platform and fulfilment automation technologies to help you become more resource-efficient, faster, and responsive to your customer needs.

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