Maersk Depot Services

Pitstops for your cargo.

Simplify your supply chain

Maersk container depot services give you the opportunity to:

  1. Import/Export your cargo efficiently and on time with the highest quality standards.
  2. Prepare containers and load your cargo optimally for maximum transit readiness.
  3. Navigate uncertainties with the flexibility to control your supply chain’s pace.
  4. Seamlessly connect to remote customers through our inland container depot network.

Get end-to-end import/export cargo services at our depots, whether it is preparing containers, cargo stuffing and destuffing, receiving and stowing full containers, facilitating customs clearances in the bonded yard, or shunting full containers to port closer to vessel arrival. You gain the reliable handling of your container cargo from one integrated logistics solutions partner at origin and destination.

Customer dedicated depot

We offer dedicated facilities tailored for your exact container and cargo needs. You get an all-in-one solution in close proximity to your facility that ensures not only empty container availability but optimised cargo stuffing. Equip your dedicated depot with basic services, such as container Equipment Management and Repair (EMR), to complex tasks such as container preparation, cargo loading, yard management for full and empty containers. You can focus on your core business knowing that your cargo is being handled by experts safely and securely, all the way.

An illustration of a cargo depot facility with trucks carrying Maersk containers in the foreground.

Full container storage

Our storage areas hold full containers at origin or destination in both bonded and non-bonded conditions. Whether your in-transit cargo is awaiting customs clearances or an unexpected disruption requires slowing your shipment down, you get increased flexibility to manage your supply chain. With a low cost of storage, you can also use our depots to lower inventories at your factory or distribution centres.

An illustration showcasing a yellow crane lifting a container, a truck and a series of cargo containers.

Container preparation

Every single container is thoroughly checked and prepared for its cargo, whether it is dry or refrigerated. We offer flexi-tanks, bulkheads, probes, liner solutions, paper/craft paper or cardboard linings for the interior walls of the container for export cargo. Once the containers are cleared, we help properly secure high-value cargo and ensure quality is preserved for the entire journey. Here's how we prepare a container to transport bags of cocoa with the promise of utmost care.

An illustration showcasing Maersk containers and a man getting the containers ready.

Stuffing and destuffing

We ensure optimised container stuffing and destuffing of various types of cargo, from dry bulk and commodities in big bags to case or palletised goods and over-dimension and outsized cargo. Save time and costs by dealing with only one logistics partner.

An illustration depicting stuffing and destuffing of various types of cargo.

Value-added services

Get exactly what you need

As a one-stop logistics shop, we offer a range of value-added services in-house for all your container requirements. Choose from a wide variety of options to pick and choose exactly what you need to keep your supply chain running seamlessly.

Here are some of the container services on offer at our depots:

Empty container management

Empty container management

Ensuring the equipment of the right type and size is available for container stuffing as per your needs.


Trucking containers to and from customer’s site.


Complete printing, placing and removal of labels, marking and re-marking of pallets or cartons at origin/destination as required.
Cargo packaging

Cargo packaging

We ensure your cargo is packed optimally and safely.

Customer inspection

Facilitating inspections for customers at requested dates and times.

Cargo photography

High-resolution imagery of cargo for claims processing/avoidance available on request.

VIP services

Priority lane and special stacking of containers to expedite pickup and delivery, cherry-picking specific containers from VIP stack.

Refrigerated cargo monitoring

Temperature and condition checks during plug-in to ensure the cold cargo set temperature is maintained as required. Electricity plug-in at the depot for extended-period service guaranteed.

Genset clip on/off

Checked at customer’s site.

Customs inspection (Bonded yard)

Customs assessment of cargo type and quantity to ascertain legal requirements on duties.

Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

Weighing of container in line with SOLAS 1978.


Bulk cargo, packaging material or any other cargo suitable for storage needs.

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