Maersk Depot Services

Pitstops for your cargo.

Add a little speed and flexibility to your supply chain

Container depots are essential nodes that act as key connectors expediting the import and export of your cargo. Think of them as quick stops fulfilling critical container and cargo needs in a well-oiled supply chain. Our experts are on hand with industry-leading import/export management processes and a range of value-added services to ensure your supply chain is running seamlessly. You can now reach more customers in remote or inland locations with our inland container depots supporting your logistics needs.

Our depots give you the flexibility to absorb disruptions and uncertainties with solutions designed to address your specific requirements, including building dedicated container depots closer to your factories or transport nodes. We also do regular container maintenance so they are in tiptop shape for when you need a container.

Two male workers moving cargo boxes in a depot.

Key benefits

Maersk Depots are designed to give you greater control, flexibility and visibility of your supply chain, from end to end.

One-stop shop

Our integrated logistics solutions are designed for end-to-end servicing of your depot needs.

Agility and efficiency

Respond to uncertainties and changes with ease and keep fulfilling orders seamlessly via a single logistics partner.

Inland connectivity
Container quality preservation

The quality of your cargo is maintained throughout its journey with our industry-leading container preparation protocols.

Configurable solutions

Get solutions that cater to your industry needs, so you can rest assured that your cargo is being handled with the best protocols applicable.

Inland Connectivity
Inland connectivity

Transport your cargo to locations away from transportation centres through our growing network of inland container depots.

Depot Services

Choose from a range of services and products for your cargo at Maersk Depots, from import and export to full container storage services. Learn more on how we can help move your cargo quickly and efficiently through a Maersk Depot.

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Expanding our global reach

Leverage our growing network to simplify and optimise your supply chain.
38+ countries
74+ depots
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2.5M+ sqm

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