Commercial Feedering

We offer slots on our network to shipping lines, feeder operators, and NVOCCs within the scope of Intra-Europe and the Mediterranean.

Commercial Feedering

We offers slots on our network to shipping lines, feeder operators and NVOCCs within the scope of Intra-Europe and the Mediterranean.

We have a dedicated department which focuses on partnering with carriers and NVOCCs by offering feedering solutions and connections within our network.

Choose the agreement that fits your business’ needs


  1. Vessel Sharing Agreement (VSA) - Joining a VSA for mutual benefits.
  2. Structural Charter Agreement (SCA) - Buying fixed slots on one or several corridors through below options:
  • Used/Unused – Space you pay against commitment on fixed volume (space per week). In case of unavoidable rollings (except from forced majeure), you are compensated with space in the following sailing.
  • Used only (Flexible Use)– Only pay for space that is used. In case of rollings there will be no compensation by space in the following sailing.
  • Spot request (Flexible Use)– Upon request for space, availability will be checked. Once bookings are confirmed, containers cannot be rolled (unless force majeure).

Rate Structure

  • Rates are offered based on Free In/Free Out.
  • Additional terms and requests are subject to approval.


To ensure proper onboarding and quality in customer data, we require the following from contractual customers and POL/POD agents:

  • Company name
  • Operator code
  • Address and zip code
  • Tax reference
  • Contact details: email and phone number
  • Billing address: who will be freight payer and local charges payer

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75 vessels with a combined capacity of over 130,000 TEUs
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25+ feedering services covering the European and Mediterranean region
70+ ports across our scope in Europe and Mediterranean
400+ people dedicated to Sales and Customer Service

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