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At Maersk, we’re committed to optimising your supply chain management. Our experts understand the unique requirements and standards of your industry, and our solutions are designed to cover all key industry sub-verticals.


Cost effectiveness and flexibility are key to entering appliance markets and matching seasonal sales. Our intermodal network combines ocean, rail, trucking and barge services to help you reach customers anywhere in the world. Our Control Tower solution enhances visibility and reliability through better data transparency, platform integration and dynamic support – all from an easily accessible vantage point.


PC, notebooks and printing

When moving products like these, even slight delays can have a knock-on effect on the rest of your supply chain and create severe hurdles in reaching your target market. A simple, seamless and transparent supply chain therefore becomes paramount to ensure your consumers are able to receive their orders on time, every time.

PC Notebooks and Printing

Consumer Electronics

Seasonality plays a big role in consumer electronics logistics. For instance, the demand for TVs goes up around major sporting events and fulfilling these demands on time is critical to retaining market share. Agile solutions from Maersk can help you meet these demands with various space allocation products that ensure loading guarantees, along with intermodal solutions that ensure reliable connectivity and flexibility.

Consumer electronics

Mobile devices

With growing competition in the mobile device space, speed to market becomes essential. The right intermodal services can ensure your products are always delivered to the right place at the right time. Choose from our ocean, rail, and air freight services to ensure timely deliveries to your customers all around the world, via a well-connected network built for ease, speed and efficiency.

Mobile devices

Network and power

Reliable transportation can move the needle for your customers by helping you deliver everything from a simple socket to high-tech 5G mobile communication in adherence to firm timelines and compliance. With Maersk you also enjoy better visibility at every step of your cargo journey, giving you better control over your entire supply chain.

Network and power

Key enablers around which we build your supply chain

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Gain precision and predictability in execution, from sourcing to last-mile delivery.

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Support need for speed across cargo, data, document and payment channels.

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Leverage our industry compliance expertise for hassle-free supply chain operations.

Visibility & innovation

Tap into our innovative digital platforms to enhance transparency and boost your speed to market.

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Cost efficiency

Support your cost leadership with lean and cost-optimised supply chain solutions.


Leverage our experience in building sustainable supply chains to guide your decision making.

Our logistic solutions enable you to stay ahead

We focus on solving your supply chain needs from end to end, taking the complexity out of container shipping. This is why we offer solutions addressing the entire product journey:

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