Emissions Dashboard: Enhanced carbon footprint analysis

Receive emissions reporting and optimisation insights across all carriers and modes.

Single-point solution for your carbon emissions data

The Emissions Dashboard is a one-stop-shop to consolidate your emissions data across all carriers and transport modes. It is accredited by Smart Freight Centre (SFC) with an industry-leading calculation methodology that is in conformance with the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework.

Whether you are looking for improved visibility over ocean freight emissions data, or enhanced emissions reporting and optimisation across your logistics set up, the Maersk Emissions Dashboard is for you.

Single point solution - Emissions dashboard

How the Emissions Dashboard can help you care for the environment

Reducing greenhouse emissions in the supply chain is a growing area of focus for many but with multiple sources and often inconsistent data, collecting the necessary information can be an unrewarding task. Our Emissions Dashboard simplifies the process and provides you with emissions reporting, sophisticated visibility and optimisation intelligence based on your company’s specific needs.

  • Full visibility: See emissions data of the movement of all goods across your end-to-end supply chain and easily zoom in where you consider it relevant.
  • Compliant: Get a report compliant with GLEC standards, periodically and hassle-free.
  • Proactive: Get suggestions on what actions to take to reduce emissions and go carbon neutral systematically.
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Maersk and Syngenta have a joint vision to significantly reduce our carbon footprint for transport/logistics. Maersk’s new Emissions Dashboard is a key enabler towards that success and represents a step in the right direction. We know that to succeed, we will need high-quality emissions data. The clear visuals and insights provided by the Emissions Dashboard offer an accurate picture of our emissions, guide our decision-making, and help us identify the most impactful changes we can make. Our collaboration with Maersk makes a difference and moves us towards a more sustainable future, together.

Ai May Ong
Global Logistics Capacity Manager, Syngenta

Request a demo to find out more

Get a clear idea of what our Emissions Dashboard has to offer by requesting for a one-on-one demo during which we explain how the reporting tool collates a customer’s carbon emissions data across carriers, modes and trade lanes, and offers analysis that can be used for reporting and sustainable logistics planning.

Learn how we create a baseline of the customer’s carbon footprint, and get all your queries about pricing, timeline, optimisation insights and benefits answered before you take the next step towards resource-effective, consolidated emissions reporting.

Request demo for Emissions dashboard

Main features of the Emissions Dashboard

Responsible logistics
The Emissions Dashboard can track your emissions for shipments across all carriers and modes of transport.
In-depth research
Sophisticated use of public and proprietary sources of data helps us to provide you with the most accurate estimate of your emissions.
Hassle free
Hassle-free data
Let us do the work for you. Subscribe to our annual package and receive access customised to your carrier modes and quarterly reports on your logistics data.
All our calculations are aligned with the leading industry methodology of the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC).
Carbon footprint analysis
We go beyond reporting, to help you optimise your emissions footprint with detailed analysis along all relevant supply chain dimensions.
Actionable insights
We care about actionability. Our analysis will reveal emissions hot spots in your supply chain so that you can reduce your carbon footprint systematically.
Enhanced reporting
Our product roadmap is packed with exciting new features that will further enhance your ability to run your supply chain effectively while boosting your decarbonisation strategy.

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