International Development

Tailored logistics solutions that support community resilience in the face of adversity.

A complete array of services to battle any exigency, anywhere in the world

We offer integrated and sustainable logistics services in all continents to support your international development projects. These include:

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Warehousing & Storage
Chain link
Supply Chain Management in degraded infrastructure
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Surface Transport & Distribution
Air Freight services
Oversized cargo
Liner service, Break-Bulk and roro
Maersk customs services
Maersk Customs Services

When it comes to emergencies, our globally deployable response teams will go all the way to customize solutions or create new ones to meet the situation’s needs.

Additional emergency services include


Specialized ocean services

  • Special vessel charter
  • Vessel agency and husbandry
  • Barge and landing craft

Facility repurposing and life support

  • Contingency Storage & Distribution
  • Expeditionary Cold Chain services
  • Communications and facility operations

Air Bridge management

  • Full Air Charter
  • Ground handling services
  • Clearance and last mile delivery

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To find out more about International Development, you can reach out to one of our industry experts, or your nearest Maersk office.