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Cold Storage

Our strategically located state-of-the art Cold Storage facilities around the globe offer a wide array of solutions and services catering for temperature zones ranging from frozen goods all the way to chilled and temperature controlled atmospheres.

Our solutions are governed by strong commitment to sustainability and energy transition, helping your supply chain performance and journey towards carbon neutrality. Think of us as an efficient pitstop in your race against time.

Maersk cold storage services – An aerial view of a cold storage facility.

Why choose Maersk Cold Storage?

Leverage our extensive global network and integrated solutions to deliver quality fresh produce every time. 

Connected Cold Chain

  • Integrated customs cold storage: Bonded storage for temporary warehousing and non-bonded storage for strategic customs clearance processes 
  • Multimodal middle-mile transport: Use our network to deliver effectively to final destinations 
  • Strategically located stores: Our cold stores enable quicker relocation of goods, business continuity and uninterrupted volume in case of demand-supply fluctuations


  • End-to-end visibility: Our single logistics ecosystem offers visibility across the entire supply chain
  • Global connectivity: Our cold stores are integrated in a global network with facilities connected through a single Warehouse Management System (WMS)


  • One-stop-shop: By offering consolidation, deconsolidation, storage optimisation and VAS offerings, we ensure fewer handovers during your shipment 
  • Efficiency and capacity: Our high-dispatch capacity helps improve our picking, packing and loading efficiency 
  • Cost optimisation: We provide consolidation and deconsolidation services using our cold storage as CFS service stations, and our experts help you defer import duties and taxes wherever applicable 


  • Certification: Many of our cold storages have received LEED accreditations which demonstrate expertise in sustainable and environmentally responsible practices
  • Sustainability focus: Our CO2 neutral storage and fully electrified drayage assure the highest standards in food defence, security and food safety
  • Quality environment: We maintain the standard of goods stored in our cold storages and plan out the annual quality objectives with a dedicated quality team

A network built for global reach

Our Cold Storage warehouse network caters to a wide range of services for frozen, chilled and ambient temperature goods and produce. Use the drop-down to view specific details of each facility.

cold storage

Construction started for Maersk’s new cold store in Rotterdam

With the official ground breaking Maersk has started the construction works for its new large cold store in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). The specialized warehouse for temperature sensitive or frozen products like pharmaceuticals, fruits, meat or fish is located right next to the Maasvlakte II terminal operated by APM Terminals.

The new refrigerated warehouse in Rotterdam is expected to significantly improve Maersk’s cold chain offering not only in the Netherlands, but more broadly across North-West European markets.

Durban precooled fruit in demand

The fruit industry is the largest contributor, by value, to South Africa. Ensuring fruit are kept to the highest quality standards is therefore essential. At Durban, fruits are precooled at our cold storage facility to ensure optimum freshness throughout their supply chain journey and to comply with import laws from other countries.

This process has seen a sharp increase in exports - nearly 10,000 pallets of fruit - proving that precooling is a critical step in the post-harvest cold chain.


From seeds to cures: The 20 year saga of Bayer and Maersk

Explore Bayer and Maersk's 20-year innovation alliance, shaping pharmaceutical and logistics excellence. Discover how this partnership conquers supply chain challenges, setting new standards in healthcare and agriculture.

from seeds

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