Logistics Hub

Get more out of your supply chain with one centralised dashboard.

Add more visibility to your supply chain

The Logistics Hub is our new centralised supply chain visibility solution. It’s designed to help you gain control of your end to end supply chain in one simple dashboard. It creates a lean way of working, showing you shipping data across the board with no time wasted in chasing down crucial information.

Powered by AI, the interactive supply chain dashboard gives a consolidated view of your shipments, tasks, logistics updates and information vital to your end to end supply chain.

Main features of the Logistics Hub

The Logistics Hub helps you stay ahead of your competition. Take a look at some of the key features of our innovative shipping tool:

Predictive arrivals on interactive maps

Experience an AI-powered predictive analysis for vessels tracking, estimated times of arrival (ETA), search offices, ports and much more:

  • A machine-learning predictive ETA system that calculates vessel arrivals based on historical information and GPS data.
  • 45% to 60% more accurate time of arrival for vessels reaching their next destination.
  • Interactive shipping route maps with details on ports, offices and container yards.
  • Live geo-locations on maps which track ships with real-time information on the vessel's route and destination.
  • We are also working to extend our AI capabilities to inland transportation in the future.
Logistics Hub

Maersk SPOT offers

Customers will be able to choose Maersk Spot offers based on most popular ones available to all Maersk users:

  • Choose among the most demanded Spot offers based on your container type.
  • Showing the offers upfront will help save time with no additional data entries needed. The offers will be shown right after you log in.
Logistics Hub

Latest advisories and rate announcements

The Logistics Hub is the one place to get all the latest customer advisories from Maersk, along with rate announcements. It eliminates the need to search for information, saving you precious time and effort. All the relevant data is presented side-by-side with the information on your shipments, delivery orders, D&Ds, outstanding VGM tasks, and more.

Logistics Hub

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