Data ethics

Our data-driven logistics solutions are empowering businesses with more predictability, agility, and resilience. Protecting our customers’ data is critical to this digital transformation.

Why data protection matters

The responsible management and use of data collected from stakeholders, including customers, is a critical issue given that instances of undue influence and data abuse are on the rise in society today.

Through cross-functionally anchored governance, we ensure technologies and data are used to innovate and optimise our services, sustainability initiatives and operations, while adhering to regulations and high ethical standards in line with Maersk’s Core Values.

Our ambition

We demonstrate leadership in our ability to ethically manage and use data, with customers trusting us to use their data appropriately, and not to abuse their confidence. We prepare Maersk for a future with high ethical standards for data as a differentiator for our customers and support to our employees.

Data ethics

Our targets

Employees (in scope) trained on data ethics by 2024.

Highlights in 2023

Flexible Logistics Solutions
More than 91% of in-scope employees trained in Data ethics
It is challenging to reach 100% of all employee groups, but we keep the ambition of 100%.
Sustainable integration
Responsibly adding Artificial Intelligence capabilities
Maersk is automating preventive controls, and anchoring risk management and governance technologies while building its AI capabilities.

Priorities and actions

Securely managing data collected from our stakeholders, including our customers, is a priority. Our actions focus on ensuring our business grows ethically in parallel with our increasing use of technology and corresponding volumes of data.

Taking an ethical lead

Our Data Ethics Programme enables Maersk to grow in line with our vision and set a high bar for the ethical use of data in our industry.
Maersk Custom Services

Evolving ethics for new realities

Our approach to data ethics asserts the human right to privacy and the ethical use of artificial intelligence and confidential data.

Featured highlights and case stories

Maersk Data Ethics Policy

Data is central to Maersk’s Global Integrator vision, where technology simplifies and connects global supply chains and unlocks new ways of creating value for our customers. The use of data will only increase in the future, while associated technologies will become more sophisticated.

Launched in 2021, our Data Ethics Policy defines how we collect, store, and use data responsibly across our organisation. It sets out four principles of transparency, security, respect and innovation, to guide all Maersk employees when working with data. Oversight for data ethics is anchored in a cross-functional committee that reports to Maersk’s Executive Leadership Team.

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Download Data Ethics Policy

Sustainability Report 2023

Explore our progress on environmental, social and governance dimensions in our latest Sustainability Report.

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