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Making reliability a constant for you

Maersk Booking Services is designed to bring simplicity to the execution of your booking operations at origin. We aim to increase efficiency in your shipment processes while giving you access to a single point of contact. The Booking Services team coordinates with carriers and other relevant suppliers on your behalf, ensuring all protocols are taken care of. You can also opt for customised services or combine the solution with other Maersk products to enhance your Booking Services. That’s peace of mind for you, all the way.

Core services

We have an experienced, efficient, and highly committed team dedicated to one purpose – to remove the complexities that are synonymous with booking creation and management. Our goal is to make sure your cargo is shipped optimally and with minimum stress. The elements that make up our core booking services are:

Carrier booking illustration
Carrier booking

We ensure your bookings are compliant, accurate and submitted on time, anywhere around the world.

VGM filling illustration
Verified Gross Mass (VGM) filing

We prepare this container weight verification document and handle the submission to your carriers.

Shipping instruction illustration
Shipping instruction

Maersk will validate the details submitted by the shippers and submit the shipping instructions to the carrier.

Documentation management illustration
Documentation management

Our coordinators have the right tools to assure your paperwork (BL/SWB/DG) is accurate. In addition, Maersk will proactively remind you if any document is pending.

Origin haulage coordination illustration
Origin haulage coordination

We will communicate with your nominated inland haulage supplier to ensure supply chain timeliness and deadline compliance.

Exception management illustration
Exception management

We will proactively handle any disruptions to the booking management process.

Milestone visibility illustration
Milestone visibility

We offer visibility to help you track the status of your goods on both container and vessel level.

carrier management illustration
Carrier management (only for multi-carrier service)

We adhere to your carrier allocation whilst driving improved service quality by carriers.

Standard reportings illustration
Standard reporting (only for multi-carrier service)

Our automated IT solutions provide you information on volume, carrier and vendor performance.

Customised services

Maersk Booking Services can be customised to your specific needs by combining our core services with any of the following add-on services.

DND visibility pictogram
Demurrage & Detention visibility

We keep a close eye on your carrier freetime deals to help you manage your costs efficiently.

Customs filing pictogram
Advanced customs filing

When dealing with US Export and Import (EXIM) we take care of all Electronic Filing (EEI) required for the Automated Export System (AED) and the Importer Security Filing (ISF10+2).

Package pictogram
Bill of Lading (BI) printing and dispatch

We can print a copy of the bill of lading and courier it to your customer.

Customised milestone visibility pictogram
Customised milestone visibility

Additional milestones can be provided after a joint assessment of your needs.

Customised reporting pictogram
Customised reporting

Get more in-depth information on volume, carrier and vendor performance or any extra personalised reporting needs.

Integration pictogram
Customer Electronic Data Integration (EDI)

Streamline and improve the exchange of data between your IT systems and Maersk for more efficient handling of booking information.

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