Learn how Europris increased their customs control and accuracy by combining Maersk Customs Services with ocean and air solutions.

The customer

Europris are the largest discount variety retailer in Norway, generating an annual revenue of approximately EUR 900 million. With a focus on high inventory turnover, it’s critical for Europris to work continuously towards reducing the risks of potential supply chain disruptions. This puts significant strain on the flow of goods and related documentation.

Given their extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers, they were looking to streamline their cross-border supply chain by integrating their ocean and air operations with customs – all under one umbrella.

The challenge

The challenge

Europris handles thousands of items in their diverse product line, with secure deliveries and high inventory turnover being two critical success factors for the company. Managing operations for a range of goods supplied by a network of suppliers in various countries, Europris required a partner who could accommodate their capacity size while also handling their complex customs declarations.

Europris needed a holistic view, one that eliminated the need for multiple solution providers, so they could streamline processes, cut costs and ensure compliance. Not only that, but they needed to improve visibility of cargo and customs changes – to ensure all goods arrived on time, in the best condition.

The solution

The solution

Europris had previously collaborated with Maersk on ocean and air solutions. The retailer decided to incorporate Maersk Customs Services into their supply chain to increase their control and boost operational efficiency.

Using this integrated approach, information about future goods can be collected digitally, verified and prepared for further processing. Not only that, but all of this data can be collected in one place – regardless of data systems or providers. Because all parties involved have direct access to the necessary information, coordination is facilitated, and the number of process steps is reduced.

The result

The results

Europris are now able to streamline their cross-border supply chain by selecting a logistics partner that can handle their ocean and air requirements while also providing customs expertise and intelligence to make more informed strategic decisions. This has resulted in greater control, more efficient handling and shorter lead times in the flow of goods.

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Improved control

The risks associated with a multiple partner set-up include having numerous, disparate handover points, lack of data connectivity and much more. Europris reduced these risks by utilising a single partner to handle ocean, air and customs. Maersk’s digital solutions give Europris greater control over their cargo flow and allow for timely compliance.
Digital services

Increased operational efficiency

By monitoring operations and identifying risks and bottlenecks that may affect the process, the digital platform enables more efficient handling of their goods.

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Reduced lead times

Europris can avoid unnecessary delays in the movement of goods or compliance by working with a single partner who provides integrated solutions via automated processes and direct customs clearance, resulting in shorter lead times.

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Improved inventory management

Europris goods can reach shelves on time thanks to improved operational efficiency and shorter lead times, contributing to higher inventory turnover.

This integrated approach – combining ocean and air with customs services – has helped us streamline our supply chain processes, stay on top of demand and reduce much of the hassle associated with having multiple logistics partners.

Marius Svendsen,
Import Manager, Europris AS

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