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With end-to-end customs visibility, Maersk’s global reach and local expertise, overcome customs challenges and seamlessly coordinate across your supply chain to ensure the timely movement of your goods. Our experts are ready to guide you through our services and discuss how we can help your business. Below you will find more information on how to integrate customs services into your supply chain in a few easy steps, and a contact form to help answer any questions you might have.

Event | The Future of Customs

The current geo-political challenges in Europe have made cross-border trading more complex and less predictable. How you manage your customs can play a much bigger role in lending supply chain resilience to put your business ahead of your competitors. Integrating customs into your supply chain allows you to make more informed decisions to overcome disruptions and ride with new market opportunities. Learn from leading industry experts about how to mitigate compliance risks through strategic customs decisions and turn every challenge into a new opportunity.

Watch the full recording and read our key-takeaway article

Compliance confidence

For fast-moving, reliable and resilient supply chains, efficient compliance and clearance are prerequisites. The ripple effects of customs disruptions are avoidable. Find out how Maersk’s local expertise, global reach and integrated solutions can protect your cargo from the ripple effects of customs delays and help you deliver on your compliance strategy.

Find out how Maersk’s local expertise and global view bolsters customs compliance.

Controlled costs

The real cost of customs is the cost opportunity of not exploiting your customs strategy to your advantage. By integrating analytics, optimising and automating processes and helping you build a robust supply chain, the value of a partner lies in supporting you to spot and seize new opportunities. Find out how automation and integrated logistics solutions can help you gain full control of your customs costs.

Find out how automation can help you gain full control of your customs costs.

Improved visibility

End-to-end customs visibility, illuminated by integrated data, provides both efficiency-driving insights and the control to implement them. Our customers, like Europris, are getting a new view of customs for resilient supply chain operations and a more intelligent organisation.

Find out how an integrated supply chain can help you make more informed strategic decisions.

3 wins for better control over your customs clearance

Having control over your customs clearance increases opportunities for cost optimisation and can provide you with a competitive edge toward building a truly resilient supply chain. Learn about the three key benefits of synchronising customs with logistic solutions, and prevent customs delays from trickling down your entire supply chain.

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Simplify customs processes with an integrated supply chain

For Norway’s largest discount variety retailer Europris, inventory optimisation was critical to reducing the risks of supply chain disruptions. Learn how Maersk helped Europris streamline their cross-border supply chain by integrating their ocean and air operations with customs, resulting in greater control, more efficient handling and shorter lead times in the flow of goods.

Customs compliance made easier with an integrated supply chain

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Our experts stand ready to understand your customs needs and talk about how we can guide you. Drop your information below and we will get in touch.

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