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Removing risk from your Cold Chain

Exporting fresh fruit and veg can be a risky business. A single mishap can spoil your strawberries – from a hold up at customs to a warm up during a vehicle transfer. Maintaining ‘picked-perfect’ condition, from farm to fridge to fork, takes end-to-end expertise. That’s where we come in.

While our experts were on-site at Fruit Attraction 2023, ready to assist you in tackling challenges, troubleshooting common issues, and pinpointing enhancements across your entire supply chain, you can still schedule a remote meeting with them at your convenience.

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Maersk at Fruit Attraction 2023

Why Maersk?

Agile pictogram
Unparalleled experience

Access cold chain experts with over 250 years of expertise in 120+ countries.

Local and international distribution
In-depth local awareness

Discover in-depth knowledge of local markets and customs procedures worldwide.

Customer care
A single point of contact

Deal with only one partner: we coordinate the entire cold supply chain for you.

Cold Stores
World-leading resources

Benefit from temperature-controlled warehouses and a world-class fleet of reefers.

Visibility tool pictogram
Total visibility in one place

Discover end-to-end visibility through our refrigerated cargo monitoring platform.

A sustainable solution

Precision logistics and fuel-efficient vessels help reduce wastage and your carbon footprint.

Discover the Future of Freshness!

The fruit and vegetable market has weathered a tumultuous few years, and 2024 will continue to pose challenges. Our Cold Chain Experts have got the inside scoop on the top 5 challenges that are reshaping the industry.

From technology innovations to sustainability efforts, find out more about the key challenges for the Fruit & vegetable Industry and how to stay ahead.

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Daltex and Maersk: a fruitful partnership spanning two decades

Nobody can do anything on his own. You need a logistics partner who understands the dynamics of the market, the changes in the supply chain.

Hesham El Naggar
Vice-Chairman, Daltex

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